Custom/Special Hinges

Custom/Special Hinges

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Jefco can manufacture Hinges from various custom materials and alloys. Our short run capabilities allow us to manufacture to your design in virtually any configuration. These special designs show a small fraction of some of the hinges we have made. Send us your blueprints or application information for a quick quotation.

Submit a Request Information form or call for the product print drawing.


Additional Information
Additional Information When contacting us for custom orders please include the following information:
  • Quantity required and unit measure. (pieces-pairs-lineal footage)
  • Catalog number and material. (if available)
  • Length of continuous hinges.
  • Furnish blueprint, dimensioned sketch, or full information if any of the following is required.
  • Special gauges, pins, or widths.
  • Leaf styles.
  • Cut-outs-notches-special forming-offsets.
  • Holes (plain-countersunk), screw size or rivet size, and locations.
  • Special pin staking, heading, or welding.
  • How shipment is to be made and date of shipment.