10936<br><b>SPRING-LOADED HINGES</b><br>SSSB-120400-400 P<br>Holes<br>Mat. Thickness - .120"/11 GA<br>Open Width - 4"<br>Length - 4"

SSSB-120400-400 P
Mat. Thickness - .120"/11 GA
Open Width - 4"
Length - 4"

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Primarily used for Pool Gates or any area that requires excellent Corrosion-Resistance and a hinge that will automatically close a gate or door. Designed for Surface Mounting with two hinges minimum per application.

Adjustable Tension.


Material T-304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Material Thickness 0.120"
11 gauge
Open Width 4.00"
Pin Diameter 0.250"
Hinge Length 4"
Style Spring
Note for Pin Diameter Pin spun on 1 end of the hinge, with adjustable spring
Mounting Surface
Weight 0.61 lb
Industry Focus Marine