BASS-40106 X 72 Inch (in) PCC Continuous Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Hinge

BASS-040106 X 72 Inch (in) PCC
Open Width - 1.06"

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Part # 10063

Countersunk Holes every 2" or Blank.

Can be cut to length.

Excellent for Marine applications or anywhere that requires Corrosion-Resistance.

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Material Stainless Steel
T-304 (18-8) Marine Alloy
Open Width 1.06 in
Pin Diameter 3/32 in
Knuckle Length 0.50 in
Hinge Length 72 in
Finish Bright Annealed
Industry Focus Marine
Features Corrosion-Resistance
Note Coined countersunk holes for #6 flat head screw
Weight 1 lb