Part# 12424<br>DPL-SS-60537-125-1 P<br>Holes<br>Mat. Thickness - .060"/16GA<br>Open Width - 5-3/8"<br>Length - 6"

Part# 12424
DPL-SS-60537-125-1 P
Mat. Thickness - .060"/16GA
Open Width - 5-3/8"
Length - 6"

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Our stock Double-Pin hinges are designed for Marine Lounge Seat applications. These hinges allow the seat to be pulled back and swing open to access storage compartments. Custom sizes available.

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Material Stainless Steel
Material Thickness 0.060 in
16 gauge
Open Width 5-3/8 in
Pin Diameter 0.125 in
Staked Length 6 in
Hole Diameter (Decimal) 0.187 in
Hole Diameter (Fractional) 3/16 in
Leaf "A" Width 2-1/8 in
Leaf "B" Width 2-1/4 in
Leaf "C" Width 1 in
Weight 0.61 lb