Stainless Steel Friction Hinge, Polished, Adjustable

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Friction Stainless Steel hinges make constant resistance to keep the hinge open at various angles.

This hinge is made from barrel polished, 304SS.

Shared Specifications
Material(s) Stainless Steel
Finish Polished
Type Adjustable

Specifications for Small Hinge
Torque Range 3.0 - 3.9 lbs
Size 1.10"
Open Width 1.34"

Specifications for Medium Hinge
Torque Range 6.1 - 7.9 lbs
Size 1.57"
Open Width 1.38"

Specifications for Large Hinge
Torque Range 12.1 - 15.6 lbs
Size 1.97"
Open Width 1.67"